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Sunday, September 29, 2013

My rating: 5 Spankings!

My Reaction!!

Exactly how I was when I finished!!!!!

I have never quite felt so lost after reading a book. The carpet got pulled from under my feet and now I'm just left dazed and confused.
I'm infatuated with this novel despite the unexpected ending.

Let me start from the beginning here... It starts out with the main character Amy and somehow she has to leave everything behind because someone is after her. Her handler gives her everything she needs to start a new life. Within the first few pages, Amy is waiting to hop on a plane to Denver where her new life awaits. While waiting to get on broad on a plane she makes eye contact with a very beautiful man named Liam Stone. Immediately there is a tension between them that they can't ignore.

They end up sitting together in the plane. Amy tries to keep to herself, but Liam has other plans and tries to engage her in a real conversation. Finally arriving to Denver he orders her to stay with him and that is where their relationship begins to take form. Through out the pages we see Amy struggling to keep him at bay while he tries to get closer to her.

Liam seemed like the perfect billionaire that every women desires. He's a handsome man that rocks a subtle goat tee with a business suit. With that description alone I was intrigued by him. I won't deny it; Liam had me swooning throughout the chapters. He was sweet and had good intentions for caring for the one he loved. Which is why I would be flustered by how much Amy tried to throw him to the curb due to her current "hiding" situation. With her fear of being found; he promised to protect her...

In conclusion, I absolutely fell in LOVE with this book. I wait patiently for the next one and hoping that we get more answers to the things that got left unanswered. I also hope that Liam isn't who I think he is because I'm most positive that I will breakdown and cry. Yeah! That's how amazing this book was! I totally recommended Escaping Reality and anything that Lisa Renee Jones writes! I didn't think I would love it, but here I am wishing for the second installment to come already.

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