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Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Boyz of Summer


It's wonderful returning to this blog hop! Being an avid reader myself, it's always good to celebrate the authors that have brought great books to us. They are true magicians, creating brilliant illusions that absorbs us into the lives of the characters that we love dearly. Authors give us solace from our realities, so thank you b00k r3vi3ws for bringing to life a celebration that should be celebrated 365 days!!

There is one author that I have been following from the very beginning. I believed in his magic so much that I became his author assistant in hopes to help bring enchantment to other readers. With that being said, in this post I will be discussing (as well fan girling) about the two starring men in Lee's literary efforts. Shall we begin with the introductions?

Meet Frank Avery:

"Imagine the one you love is ambivalent, and the one smitten with you is totally unacceptable."

"Following college Frank is comfortable in his bucolic little hometown of Collins. Beth Ann calls, announcing her divorce will be finalized Friday morning...and she is driving the two hours to Collins from the City immediately thereafter.
Oh, mercy. Not Beth Ann, again.
amantes sunt amentes
Lovers are lunatics."
Google Play: http://bit.ly/1hHstqc

Before I met frank, I was reading a lot of novels that were aiming to be replicas of Fifty Shades, I'm sure you can imagine that got old quickly. Fortunately however, Frank found his way to my doorstep and gave me a opportunity to refresh my book palette. In Concurrent Relationships we experience a different perspective of romance. Within the male point of view, we tag along in the journey of a young man trying to find his happily ever after. Yes, even men must kiss a lot of frogs before they find their princess. Personally, it intrigued me for the fact that it proves no matter what gender you are, romance isn't easy for either party. We all have to deal with the good, the bad and even the ugly. 

Meet Hank Lawson:

"You have to believe in something. I always believe I'll have another cookie."
Book Trailer: Young, Only Once

"Learning how to downhill ski was on Hank Lawson's to-do list.
The opportunity to work as a bartender at a ski resort was the ticket.
The girlfriend held a differing view, given Snow Mountains reputation among the singles crowd.
What could be the conflict?
All Hank had to do was learn a new job, a new sport, and interact successfully with his new co-workers, fifteen college girls hired for the busy season in the lounge, the Snow Girls..."
Google Play: http://bit.ly/1imZrHo

I'm sure every now and then us women have crushed on a bartender, maybe even dreaming on the possibility that you would like one night with him...yeah well, Hank Lawson had to deal with women like us when he took the offer to work for Snow Mountain, a ski resort that had a reputation among the singles crowd. Temptation was at its all time high for Hank. Of course working with 15 attractive college ladies didn't help one bit, but let us not forget the girlfriend back at home! Despite temptation this story goes deeper, we the reader are placed in a roller coaster of psychology. With every rise and fall, there is a discovery of each character state of being and with every twist and turn we acknowledge each characters motives. It's one crazy ride, one that I've ridden several times. 

There you have it! You have just met the boyz that I've constantly revisited. We as readers are constantly looking for something new to read and there is plenty out there, but I recommend you get to know these two lovely guys. Their stories are unique and worth the while. I wish to thank Lee Debourg for writing novels that will be forever timeless to me and hopefully for others as well! 

You just can't have a celebration without teasers, so the Dollhaus made sure to give your eyes something to feast on!

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