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A Night In with a Charming Man

My argyle doll haus felt extremely lonely and thought there is only one person who would lively up the place. That person being Lee DeBourg. I called and invited him over and he delightedly accepted the invitation. In case you don't know, Lee is an aspiring author and has currently released his debut novel, Concurrent Relationships, which is now available in amazon! (But besides him being the greatest author, he's my best friend.) There was a knock on the door and I scurried to open the door to see him standing before me with a few snowflakes on his hair and jacket. I smiled to the thought that it might be snowing back home for him. I must have phased out for awhile because he cleared his throat as a indication that he was still standing on my door step. Giving a shy laugh I motioned him in. While he shrugged out of his jacket I took out the snacks and grabbed a blanket. (You just can't have snacks without snuggling under a blanket... Just saying.) 

Returning to the living room I took a seat beside him on the love seat. I shared some of my blanket with him and pop open the snacks. We adjusted ourselves next to one another, and simply enjoyed the company that we both had to offer. As we chatted, we munched on crackers and cheese while I drank my Ginger Ale and he drank his Black Walker on the rocks. He lifted his drink and I reciprocated and gave a toast to the fact that today marks our one month anniversary since we met. So far it has been amazing in watching him grow into the literary world. I can still recall the first day he contacted me for an honest book review... I said I wouldn't cry, but here comes the tears...

Drinking the last bit of Ginger Ale, I place the empty can next to his empty crystal tumbler on the coffee table. I look down to notice that all the cheese and crackers were all finished as well so that too got put aside. Reclining all the way back I turn to face him again. He began telling how the deer's back home are thwarting the hunters once again and how silly the hunters are. We both laugh at the story and at the idea of how animals are much more clever than us human at times. Well it sounds like Bambi's mother won't be dying this time. We continued our peaceful and joyous conversations. At times, we might have become too silly, but it was great to finally have someone to be silly with. Since we were already laughing and joking I asked if it would be alright if I could interviewed him. He gladly agreed. We became serious for the interview leaving all joking aside... or maybe not that serious. However it was nothing but good times over at the argyle doll haus. 

1. Who is Lee DeBourg?

I'm just an average guy, living outside a small community somewhere in middle America. I grew up on a farm, picked up a Bachelors in Social Science and have worked techie jobs for a lifetime. I have been blessed with an insatiable curiosity, leading me on many personal adventures.

2. How did the idea for Concurrent Relationships come to you?

There are no new stories in the world. For reference check Greek Mythology, The Old Testament, little billy Shakespeare and many, many others. There is only an individual author's perception and synthesis of his contemporary environment.
I was always interested in the Greek Goddess Aphrodite, more specifically the two attributed personalities of Aphrodite, Ourania and Pandemos. What if I put a male MC between the two, trying to balance life, make a selection from the two extremes? Such was the beginning of my debut novel, Concurrent Relationships.

3. What is it about writing that you enjoy?

Playing God. Seriously, I've begun reading many books, only to watch them veer away from the story I would have created. When writing the book yourself, there are no barriers. You have complete responsibility to write that story, to the best of your ability, for the benefit of your reader. No excuses.
Extremely exhilarating.
The point is, the STORY is King. Some contemporary authors miss that understanding. Your background, education, experience counts for naught if the story you create does not resonate with the reader. The literary effort is for the READERS benefit. The author needs to stay out of the way.
You, the author, have a flash of brilliance ( or  insanity ), the STORY, a tale with  universal appeal for READERS. The task becomes transforming the vision into reality, comprehensible to others. The challenge is to present clearly.

4. When you write do you find yourself repeating certain words? 

Despite best efforts, redundancy is a curse. I have to go on a that/very witch hunt. Eliminate 80% of  'that' and 'very', and the manuscript will read just fine.
Another burden is finding similar words or phrases when revision points out you are repeating. The battle is ongoing...

5. What made you become an author?

A thousand personal experiences, ten thousand stories overheard, the general excitement of life...I felt compelled to capture some of it, put it out for others to share.
I've known many intelligent, creative people, have relatives who fall into that category. Over the years I noted I could articulate with the written word.
The process of writing was easy enough. The question became did I have enough material  to extend to a book-length work?
At some point I took the plunge. When I came up for air the first draft was far too long for a debut effort. That manuscript is coming out next Spring as my second novel.
 I took a deep breath and started again. That work is my debut, Concurrent Relationships. The work stands, speaks for itself.

6. Your favorite piece of clothing?

Not much of a fashion follower I'm afraid. Whatever covers my fanny, warm in Winter, cool in Summer. That's the farm upbringing-a shade tree in Summer, a roaring woodstove in Winter.

7. What turns you off in a person?

Pretense, arrogance, especially when there is no reason for an individual to think so highly of themselves. On the other hand, such personalities make for damn fine comedic theater.

8. What makes someone beautiful in your opinion?

Beauty is as beauty does. The ability to function well, to see the positive and goodness, to conduct oneself well, demonstrating respect to others...these characteristics go a long way toward defining beauty in my estimation.

9. What is the one thing that you just can’t leave the house without?

The wife's 'To-Do' list. The woman is thorough.

10. Favorite snack? Smell? Word?

I always believed I would have another cookie. I suffer the consequence of excess cookie consumption.
Country boy here. The smell of fresh mown alfalfa has been known for a lifetime.
Devoted. Defines the best relationships, at all levels.

11. Is there anyone in this world that you would just love to meet?

Celebrity? Can't think of anyone. Everyone has a story, or several, worth repeating.

12. Is there a city that you would just love to get lost in?

Vienna, again. Yeah, that would be worth a week.

13. Favorite time of day?

Any time there is an interesting story to hear, or great music to listen to. Pretty much 24/7.

14. Do you have a celebrity look alike? If so, who would it be? 

A long time ago in a land far away I was regularly mistaken for a Midwestern Rock'n Roll star. Girls would ask for my autograph, assuming I was him, traveling incognito. He was several inches shorter than me. I didn't care for his music, though he was popular.

15. Last but not least. Rumor has it that there’s a doll out there saying that she can beat you in a snow fight. What are your thoughts to this?

The savvy and  treachery of maturity will always overcome enthusiastic youthful exuberance. Having said this, there is no doubt Doll would get in a few good licks!

As much as we wanted to hang out for much longer, it was time to concluded our friday fun, but of course there would be many more in the future. I walked him to the door and gave each other a tight hug. We pulled away and then he was off to take over the world. 

If you're still curious about Lee check out his blog and twitter and Goodreads page!!!

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