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Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Nightcrawler Book Review

My rating: 3 Spankings!!

Before anything I want to thank John Reinhard Dizon for giving me an ARC of Nightcrawler!! I highly appreciated it!

To begin my review I want to first say that I found the story line to be a bit slow. I was waiting for that moment in the book where I would be in the edge of my seat, but I didn't feel it. While reading I didn't feel like Sabrina faced any moments where things were severely at stake. In my opinion I thought the things she dealt with were minor happenings. Nothing that put Sabrina in true fear for her life, but with that being said it proved that she was a strong female lead. She wasn't weak and wasn't going to back down regardless of who told her what. She was going to fight until she won. Aside from that, I enjoyed the connection between her and Hoyt. I loved how with knowing the truth of Sabrina he didn't run away from her. Instead he stood by her side and helped her. They were absolutely adorable together and I'm glad they got their HEA!!!

In conclusion, this genre is all new to me. Everything I said in this review is solely my opinion and other readers might have a different view. That is why I still recommend this to others!


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