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Saturday, August 24, 2013

Tear Down the Wall!!

With haunting visuals and catchy beats alongside with great vocals, Pink Floyd The Wall is a captivating film. The whole story is based on a character named Pink who is a rock star, but is at a point of his life were he is depressed and glued to the television. As if the television has him under control. Through out the film we see what kind of pains and tragedies that Pink had to deal with. From when he was a baby, his father died in battle in World War II. Growing up we see the desire he has to have a father figure desperately. For example when he was at the playground, he was attach to another kid’s father and you can see the longing to be praised and loved from a male figure. School wasn’t much help either. Pink was constantly getting in trouble with the teacher for not paying attention. The teacher at one point put him in blast of what he was doing other than paying attention.

As Pink got older, he got married. Ultimately that too came to an 
end. He distanced himself from his wife in which was the result of her leaving him for someone else. Pink realizes what he lost and tries to get her back, but she ignores it. Besides the live footage, there are haunting and frightening animations of war and hate. The symbolisms are strong in all the animated visuals. Depicting society and how humans are suppressed by the government and from people in power, but also how every one is just a number and can be easily replaced.

The whole theme behind The Wall was the typical artist who is 
tormented by his past and how his works consume him whole. How we as artists must go to the darkest depths to find our greatest idea yet, but only to create a monster and eventually destroying ourselves along the process. Isolating ourselves from the world and feeling like no one will ever understand our true affection for our work and how it takes over completely. As the song goes in the film, “Is there anybody out there?” symbolizing that in the end we are all stuck with ourselves and our obsessions and mental illnesses that no one else can help us with our internal battles.
In the end Pink faces judgment from everything that he has dealt within his life. They nit pick everything from him showing his feelings and to being human. Everything about him is displayed for everyone’s viewing.  To me the trail felt as if we all eventually have to deal with judgments from people who will never be satisfied with our image or our experience’s and they not having nothing better to do than to dissect us mentally only to judge how imperfect and worthless we are.

Overall the film is worth seeing and getting sucked into psychedelic ride. It’s a very dark and disturbing film about being lost within and having trouble to relocate us before the impending break down. Besides that it also showcases in visuals on how war and rage is a nasty emotion and a disturbing action. Nothing good comes from true power because corruption becomes the ultimate venom.