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Monday, August 19, 2013

Forever Breathless

I thought this novel was a great way to wrap it all together! I absolutely fell in love with Ash. When I first started reading this trilogy, I was in love with Gabe! I thought he was the best one of the three, but after reading all of the novels of The Breathless Trilogy I found myself loving Gabe, Jace and Ash. 

In Burn, the growth between Josie and Ash was evident.
Throughout the novel it was geared more towards their relationship than them having sex. Don't get me wrong the sex scenes were sizzling hot, but its also good see how they bond outside of the bed sheets. They had gone through so much that it was hard to imagine how simple of a setting they first met and how they interacted with each other at first. They grew enormously and it was a very beautiful thing to read about. I especially loved the cute moment when he and Josie were discussing about children and how much she wanted. 

We also got to see the true character of Ash compared to Gabe and Jace. Ash was anything but laid back and calm. He was brooding and intense, and he had some serious connections. Despite all that, he had a big heart and it repeatedly showed thoughout the chapters. There was a point in the book that I was getting so frustrated with his parents because they kept bugging him, but ash didn't turn his back on them and in the end he helped them.  

After finishing this novel, I can honestly say that I am sad that this trilogy is over because all the characters in this trilogy are a part of my life. When I first read Rush I knew it was going to be a great trilogy and now I wish it wasn't over.

The breathless trilogy has left me breathless and I recommend this trilogy to anyone who loves romance/erotic novels. This trilogy is the reason why Maya Banks is one of my top five favorite authors! Just beautiful!