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Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Concurrent Relationships Book Review

My rating: 5 Spankings!

This is me throughout the book. :)

I want to thank Lee for giving me the opportunity to reviewing his first book; you made me swoon often, mon ami.
I'm glad to be the first to post a review on this lovely story.
(Trying not to do the I-me-mine here)

All the characters seemed well developed and I liked how they all grew after college. Every one moved away to make a better life for themselves, but Frank decided to stay true to his roots. I loved his home; especially when the white tail deer gathered by his home. I love nature and being surrounded by it so when I read that it only made me want to get a home up in the mountains.

It was interesting to see how Frank stayed the same and all his college buddies had better jobs and asked him why didn't he move up? He simply was happy with his blue collar job and his home. To me that hit home because we all want to live a very outgoing and adventurous life, but Frank was just happy with what he had. He was humble enough to say that he was grateful for what he had. Made him more lovable to me.

CONCURRENT RELATIONSHIPS was in the perspective of Frank Avery. A country boy that won my heart.
He was the true gentle men; the guy that was meant to be a keeper. Yet somehow the wrong women kept surrounding him. For example Beth Ann...

I have never in my life wanted to slap a character so hard across the face until I started reading about Beth Ann. The woman was controlling, demanding, and down right a waste of brain cells. It was always I-me-mine which is why I stated early I didn't want to sound like that. Every time she enter in the story I would automatically be defensive because of her ugly personality. She would demand visits from frank for one thing specifically. He was her Call Boy and even when it came to sex she was overbearing and demanding. Poor frank tried very hard to resist her, but what man would push a sexually hungry woman? Not many.

What truly bothered me was when they attended the Blondie concert and in midway she complained about it being too loud and told frank to take her home. Of course Frank didn't want to leave, but she would have made a huge scene if he didn't comply. I didn't quite understand at times why frank would put up with her even though he constantly thought how annoying she was. Then it just showed that he was a gentle men even if the other person was completely rude towards him.

I did read a good portion of the book while listing to Blondie in the background; Frank would have loved it that way ;)

Everything changed for Frank when he met Gina; His Greek Goddess.

Gina seemed like the perfect half to Frank. They spent time together going to art shows and did what normal couples normally do. Everything seemed like it all was falling into place. Well until Gina dropped everything(Including him) in order to leave. In which we find out in the end why she did what she did.

My heart was torn when Frank was so upset for the loss of his Greek Goddess as one would be after a sudden end to a relationship. And somehow Beth Ann made her way back into Frank's life after Gina took off.

Time passes by and Frank takes a trip to Europe for a digital seminar. There he meets plenty of beautiful women. He has a good time and befriends a few and eventually has intimate encounters with those few. There was a topic about marriage and divorce that I agreed when Frank spoke to someone in Europe about it. In which case I strongly agreed with what Frank said about the topic.

Through out the pages we see Frank grow older. Things begin to occur with a very strange reunion with his Greek Goddess. However everything wraps up nicely as it climaxes toward the end and we get our answers.

I was happy with the end result of Frank's life. I didn't quite expect it, but I ABSOLUTELY LOVED it! I'm delighted with whom he ended up with. She indeed was good for him and they seemed adorable together.

In conclusion, I am very grateful to have read this sweet story. I don't know what I am going to do with my life now that I have finished reading about Frank, he indeed was a keeper!

After reading this story written by a male author it proves to me that I much prefer a man writing love stories because they are beautifully written and when it comes to Joyous Expression they write it so passionately that it's more romantic. It's more of a turn on for me when a man writes romance; more men should fill up that genre! ;)

So please check out Lee DeBourg and his book because he is destined for greatness!

Argyle Doll