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Thursday, January 30, 2014

Heat Wave Book Review

My rating: 5 Spankings!!

I want to begin by first stating that if you are a Castle fan then you will love this book! It's very similar to the show except with different names and different crimes. DESPITE the minor differences, the personalities are still there.

Richard Castle definitely captured the essence of all the characters from the show. Nikki Heat did embodied the characteristics of Kate Beckett. She was strong and determined to solve the case. And along the way picking on Rook.
There where moments that were light and funny and some that were intense with suspense from trying to piece everything together.

In my opinion I believe this book deserves more credit than it's receiving. I don't see how someone can be a huge fan of the show and dislike the book, but everyone has there reasons. Heat Wave was a good read and I look forward to continuing to read the rest of the series.


Argyle Doll