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Friday, October 4, 2013

What A Beautiful Bitch

Beautiful Bitch
by Christina Lauren

My rating:  4 Spankings!!

What a lovely story!!! I absolutely loved this novella!

When I first read Beautiful Bastard I was convinced that I loved Chloe and Bennett's story. They had the love/hate relationship and I thought that it was really adorable how they interacted with one another. I was really excited to read this book and what was in store for them.

Even though they were officially together it seemed like there was no time for them to be together. No matter how hard they tried something kept getting in the way. Bennett kept mentioning how much he loved Chloe. She too would do the same, but the relationship thing was still all new to her.

Trying to get some alone time, Bennett books a trip to the French Villa. Chloe didn't seem like she was up for it and after a very convincing Bennett she cave in. Throughout the novel they mentally revisit their previous vacations and how horrible they got. It made them wonder how their new upcoming trip would result in.

In the end, they both got what they needed and that was time alone together. It surely brought a slight tear of joy to my eyes from the sweet ending. When I finished I was even more convinced that I am still on the Bennett and Chloe team!

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