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Saturday, September 14, 2013

Anything he wants (Spoilers In Review)

Anything He Wants
by Sara Fawkes

My rating: 4 Spankings

It was a great book! I didn't expect the ending. I'm so use to reading "Happily ever after" that when I read this book it wasn't so much that. It was left open in which case I was totally okay with that.
Lucy practically threw herself at Jeremiah and at the end he still couldn't tell her that he loved her. He remained cold towards her when it came to actual feelings of love, but when it came to sex that man could make every girl swoon uncontrollably. I'll admit that it had me that way. Without a doubt the characters had sexual chemistry.

When Lucy got accidently poisoned by someone who was after Jeremiah, he did everything in his power to keep her safe even if it meant keeping her locked in his house until he found the person who poisoned her. She wanted answers, but he didn't tell her and kept her in the dark. After they found out who was the criminal and eventually ended up killing him, Jeremiah still refused to be in a relationship with Lucy.

Jeremiah broke the mold in happily ever afters. In reality, it made more sense to me. Not all billionaires want to marry their personal assistants.
Overall, I recommend this story. I wished that it didn't end because I wanted more of Lucy and Jeremiah!

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