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Saturday, December 14, 2013

Lights back on to the DollHaus

Hello everyone!!!

It's been so long since I have last posted. Unwillingly, I went under to finish my school work. Good news though! December 16, I will be graduating from college!! Which means I am back to take my place in the Argyle Dollhaus! :)) It feels good to be back and to resume what I love to do.

Since we haven't spoken in so long here is what I did for the past weeks:

Homework. Homework. Homework. Homework. Book Trailer. Homework. 

Oh yes! I said book trailer! I'm sure you all have heard me mention about Lee Debourg and how awesome he is! ;)

Well I was fortunate enough to produce a book trailer for his Debut Novel, Concurrent Relationships! Truly I had a blast creating a trailer from something that I liked a lot. If you haven't read it, shame on you, I suggest heading over to Amazon to pick up a copy. Trust me if you love male POV's then you will love it! For those who don't have a clue of what I am saying and haven't heard about Concurrent Relationships, the book trailer will provide you with a summary of the novel. Please take the time to view the video which is located down below! 

I now hope you are truly convinced to purchasing Lee's novel after watching the trailer! ;) Lucky for you, I posted the purchase link underneath.

It feels good to be back and sharing with all of you again! I've been away from the literary world far to long and it's time to get up to speed with all my books! 


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