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Thursday, August 29, 2013

Fifty Shades Trilogy (Fifty Shades, #1-3)Fifty Shades Trilogy by E.L. James
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Lets clear the air once and for all!! I would like to say that I could careless if it might have been poorly written. I didn't read it for the grammar. I read it for the romance (and yes even for the sex), the chemistry between the two main characters was beautiful. In the beginning when Ana was interviewing Mr. Grey I felt what she felt. I could imagine how it must have felt to be interviewing a man who is beautiful and to feel a strong tension. Just writing about it gives me the chills. Everything about that whole scene made me feel awkward and almost vulnerable since Mr. Grey is so dominating.

In my opinion (sex scenes aside) I thought it was WAY better than The Twilight Saga. Fifty shades felt more realistic. For example it's more likely for me to find a sexy billionaire than finding myself a vampire. In that aspect it made more sense to me and I loved it.

I hadn't read anything in so long before I read fifty shades trilogy, but when I picked up the first book I was in awe. I didn't even knew that books like that even existed!! Immediately I was hooked with Ana and Fifty's story. Christian Grey was one screwed up puppy. His past was so tormented from losing his mother as a child. He had a tough upbringing after all he was born and raised in Detroit in the beginning of his life. When he reached his teens he got with Mrs. Robinson and honestly I hated her from the get go. Who seduces a teen who is lost and confused? Mrs. Robinson that's who. It was tough reading how Ana would get upset with the idea of Christian always running to her. Luckily in the second novel Christian tells Mrs. Robinson to kick rocks.

The true shocker was when Christian confessed why he had specifications on the women he slept with. I didn't expect it. When he said that he chose his women that looked alike his mother I truly thought Ana was going to leave him. It was very creepy to hear him say such a thing. How could someone react to hearing that from their lover? It's not something to take lightly. However Ana still stood beside him and loved him. Which of course made me feel happy. :)

In the last novel they dealt with bigger problems, but of course it all gets resolved and we get our happily ever after. The ending brought happy tears to my eyes. Both Christian and Ana had grown throughout the series. In the beginning Christian said that he had no plans in expanding his family and reading how in the end that he had a family of his own just gave it the cherry on top feel to it. It just proves how much growth he went through to be a proud daddy!

If it wasn't for fifty I wouldn't be reading erotic/romance novels to this day. I have E. L. James to thank for. Now it's my turn to pass along the trilogy that changed it all for me.

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