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Friday, March 7, 2014

Young, Only Once Book Review

My rating: 5 Spankings!!!

Before I begin my review, I first want to thank Lee DeBourg for sending me a copy of Young, Only Once! I truly appreciate it!!!!

Ecstatic was what I was when I heard Lee was writing a second novel. I won't deny that I was jumping with joy just like the little goat jumping off the rock. Lol!!! Then the excitement intensified 10 times more after I saw it in my gmail.

I strongly believe this book deserves Five Stars!

From the first chapter all the way to the last chapter I was glued to my tablet. I couldn't put it down. While reading, I was constantly thinking and trying to connect the dots to fill in the spots that would later be revealed. This novel wasn't a mindless read. It definitely had my wheels turning! Another reason why I rated it the way I did was because of the emotional level throughout the novel! I was always feeling something that came from the words on the page. Whether I was feeling sympathy for a certain character or anger from how several characters were behaving, it was definitely a roller coast ride. A fun one at that!
Oh and then there was that ending!!!!! That did it for me, all squealing and flailing of arms broke loose. Two thumbs up for that clever closure!

Please note that this is solely my opinion, but if you enjoyed Lee's previous book then you will DEFINITELY love this one!! I know I shore did! :)
(Already thinking of reading it for a second time... Yup that's how good it is.)

I truly hope and look forward to a third novel, Lee!!! :))


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