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Sunday, November 10, 2013

Review For Infinite Possibilities

My rating:  5 Spankings!

Before I begin my review I want to say THANK YOU for granting me an ARC.

This book did not disappoint and I'll tell you why..

It had me questioning every character to who the suspect could be. It seemed like I would know who would be the bad person, but then getting lead a different direction. There was never a dull moment in the book. Every time I would say one more chapter I ended up reading like ten more. Yeah that's how good it was! The writing was great and it flowed nicely. The descriptions were so vivid I pictured myself in the environment. If you loved the first one THEN you will absolutely LOVE this one as well!!

Infinite Possibilities does start immediately where it left off in the previous book. We follow Amy in her pursuit to seeking answers about her past. Along the way she tries to figure out if Liam is worth trusting. What I admired about this book was how we saw much more emotion into Liam Stone about their relationship, despite the fact that he could have been a possible suspect. I felt like no matter what happened he was truly serious about Amy. From there on, we get closer to the truth. Things start to connect, but not completely in a full circle. Some things remain unanswered. However it makes it all that interesting for the following book!!!

To wrap it up nicely, I absolutely loved this book as much as I loved the first one. I still can't get enough of Liam! I want more of him! If you thought the sex between them was great in the previous book, then you are in for a treat in this one! ;)