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Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Beautiful tale for the Beautiful Stranger

Beautiful Stranger
by Christina Lauren

My Rating: 4 Spankings

I have a lot to say about the book and I am going to start by saying that I liked it! Max Stella is without a doubt sexy and dreaming from the description within the words. I especially love how at times he would finish his question with a yeah? For example:

"You could break my heart. Just know that, yeah?" - Max Stella

I thought that it was the most cutest thing when he talked like that. I even found myself answering to him despite the fact that he wasn't talking to me directly. Goes to show how strong of a character that he was.

Sara was interesting to read about as well. I totally got where she was coming from in the beginning of the novel. At times I wish I could live a more wilder and carefree life, but it never works out that way because love seems to follow the most when you aren't looking for it and that was what occurred to Sara. She didn't want to fall in love and did eventually, but throughout the pages she tried to be distant and it only made me mad. I thought to myself why could she be so cold towards him when all he wanted was dinner and possibly take her to bed. Especially when it's coming from a SEXY Brit! It was obvious that Max fell in love with Sara from the moment he laid eyes on her. Yet she kept pushing him aside and it frustrated me a whole lot.

For once in her entire life she finally found the man she was hoping for. Unfortunately her previous relationship with Andy had ruined her. Andy cheated on her for six years and poor Sara pretend that it was all a lie. So when Max came around in her life she guarded her heart that way he couldn't hurt her. In which case is totally understandable.

When Max and Sara started to see each other than just Friday's I fell more in love with the novel. It was beautiful to witness when they finally realized that they had romance in their relationship and it no longer was a f*^k buddy relationship. It felt real and it was undeniable how they connected, but it was even more amazing when Sara finally opened up to it.

In the end, I was happy with the happy ending I received. I like Max and Sara, but I think I love Bennett and Chloe a lot more. You could say I am Team Bennett and Chloe! :)

I enjoyed Beautiful Stranger; it made me laugh and nearly made me tear up in the end and that's why I loved reading it. Now I cannot wait to catch up to the other novels by Christina Lauren because I am sure they are going to be great!

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